07 May 2012

D24, Sultan Durian

This must have been one of the most popular durian variety.  D24 has several sub-categorization including, Super D24, D24 XO, Sultan (though this may be another variety), etc.  The difference is not very noticeable to many.  D24 XO is supposed to be better (more character)  than Super D24, while Sultan is beyond me to describe.

D24 durian gain popularity since the mid 1990s and some durian lovers still swears by it today.  A good D24 is usually a little odd shape, with a bump/hump on one side.

At the top (where the stem/stalk is), there is a brown ring around it.  At the bottom, there is a brown patch the size of a 5 cents coin.  The bump/hump on one side is another usual observation.

This durian usually doesn't have 5 sides, but probably only 3 sides.  A good D24 will have lesser seeds/fruits.  In a simple description, if the durian has 4 seeds, all the good nutrients are fed into the 4 seeds.  On the other hand, if it has 8 seeds, it is like, the nutrients are further halved.

I prefer mine with lesser seeds, 3-5 seeds per fruit will do.  Quantity isn't the name of the game here.  D24 with too many seeds doesn't appeal to me.

It commonly weigh between 1.5 - 2kg.  I can accept it up to maybe around 2.3kg region.  Anything larger, I forgo.  It tends to be unevenly ripe.  In fact, go for the 1.5kg one and you tends to get a more even ripeness.  Small ones at about 1.2 - 1.5kg can be good.

Texture, Taste, Aroma (Flesh)

The flesh is usually very thick, while the seeds are quite wholesome (not small but full sized).

Aroma is strong yet smooth and pleasant, full of character, and leaves you wanting more.  Some are bitter, some are bitter-sweet, some are sweet-bitter, etc.

Check the appearance.  If it is odd shaped, it has lesser seeds.  Referring to the above, I rather go for a odd shaped (less seeds) D24 than a round shaped (more seeds).  Not only does the flesh taste better, the texture are also better.  The round shaped D24 may come with some sides that is harder/semi-ripe.

There is no need to go into a trance, shaking the durian vigorously.  Just turn the durian from side to side, you should be able to feel a 'turd', indicating the durian flesh doesn't stick to the shell.

Looking at the color of the durian flesh will tell you the quality.  A deeper color tone will indicate a nicer taste (bitter-sweet).  Nice creamy yellow tends to be less bitter (maybe sweeter).  Pale or uneven pale color can be rather blend tasting, or semi-ripe.

Use this as a guideline if you are buying pre-packed (in styroform box) durians.

I prefers D24 durian as it has good character over many other popular durians.  Some durians are very strong, some are rather mellow.  D24 is a good blend of things, aptly bitter, mildly sweet will hit the right note.  My fav bitter-sweet will be about 7-3.

A good D24 XO is definitely worth the grade of 8.5/10.

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  1. Where in singapore (or anywhere else) can i buy d24 xo? I bought d24 a couple of years ago at geylang area which had a super bitter yet sweet taste which is not typical of the other d24's im accustomed to so im wondering if maybe that was a d24 xo....